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About Michael Albrecht

My name is Michael Albrecht. The combination of man and machine has fascinated me for years – both professionally and privately. I am your partner, advisor, agent and caretaker in all matters relating to high-class vehicles.

Do you need advice on buying or selling a vehicle or do you simply not have the time to look for a vehicle in detail? Do you just want to turn the key, start and enjoy? Then let’s talk about your ideas. I look forward to hearing from you!

Phone: 0179-3455485
Mail: m.albrecht@exklusive-fahrzeuge.com

About André Richter

Positions and functions since 1999.

Sales of Audi
Sales of BMW, BMW M vehicles and ALPINA
Sales manager for Bentley, Maserati and McLaren
…and a passionate Porsche driver

„I convey not only valuable vehicles, but always a good feeling.“

Phone: 0171-3871149
Mail: andre.richter@exklusive-fahrzeuge.com

Service at Exklusive Fahrzeuge

Brokerage & marketing

Find the perfect car in an exclusive network of premium brands and vehicle providers. Take advantage of our market knowledge when marketing your vehicle

Advice & pricing

Save time and reduce your workload – enjoy the benefits of targeted and independent research into buying and selling prices

Best price determination

On the way to the best price, you benefit from a network of long-standing, well-known car dealerships and business partners

Purchase process

Your purchase process has priority and is organized accordingly – from the establishment of contact between buyer and seller to the delivery of your vehicle

Our philosophy

Your vehicle is more than just horsepower and engine capacity: it is a reliable companion in all situations – if it suits you. Our passion is the constellation of people and vehicles.

We are at your side as a reliable partner and intermediary in all matters relating to the purchase and sale of high-quality automobiles. Benefit from our long-standing network, in-depth industry knowledge and independent advice.

Handling of vehicle brokerage with Exklusive Fahrzeuge

1. Contact us

Give us a call, Michael Albrecht 0179-3455485, André Richter 0171-3871149 or write us. We will get back to you as soon as possible – we promise! We would be happy to arrange a personal appointment to discuss your concerns.

2. Search request

You place a search order with us for your desired new car of the brands Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mc Laren, Mercedes, BMW, Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, or for a young used car of these brands.

3. Price determination

We use our exclusive network of long-standing contacts to find and compare the best price and performance for your new car. We will be happy to market your used car for you and thus achieve the best market value for you.

4. Offers

You will promptly receive the best offer for you and independent advice when choosing your new vehicle.

5. Processing

We organize the entire purchase process for you and are happy to conduct all discussions and negotiations so that all you have to do is sign your name at the recommended dealership. We will be happy to accompany you to pick up your new vehicle and establish personal contact.

6. Concierge Service

Storage and maintenance of your vehicles with 24/7 service, planning of trips and events, pick-up and delivery service, brokerage of individual insurance solutions, financing brokerage and much more.

Storage of your treasures, care & repair, transportation and much more. Let’s talk together. We have the individual solution. We take care of you.

Current offers

Porsche 997
.2 4S Cab.Chrono, Sportabgas, Scheckheft,Bose

67.900 €

Gebrauchtfahrzeug, EZ 12/2008, 147.000 km, 283 kW (385 PS), Benzin, Automatik

Porsche Cayenne
E-Hybrid Platinum Ed.,PDLS,DAB+,Panorama

82.900 €

Gebrauchtfahrzeug, EZ 01/2023, 21.000 km, 250 kW (340 PS), Hybrid (Benzin/Elektro), Automatik

Porsche Cayenne
E-Hybrid Sport-Chrono-Paket,Pano,21 Zoll

67.900 €

Gebrauchtfahrzeug, EZ 12/2021, 35.700 km, 340 kW (462 PS), Hybrid (Benzin/Elektro), Automatik

Mercedes-Benz G 500
Cabriolet, MB scheckheftgepflegt, 2. Hand

279.900 €

Gebrauchtfahrzeug, EZ 07/2013, 76.962 km, 285 kW (387 PS), Benzin, Automatik

Porsche 997
Turbo Sehr gute Historie

86.911 €

Gebrauchtfahrzeug, EZ 11/2006, 101.300 km, 353 kW (480 PS), Benzin, Schaltgetriebe

Porsche 992
GT3 RS, Clubsport, Liftsystem, Carbon, PDLS+

319.992 €

Gebrauchtfahrzeug, EZ 05/2023, 1.480 km, 386 kW (525 PS), Benzin

Porsche 991
4GTS Cabrio Approved, Sportabgas,PTV Plus

125.911 €

Gebrauchtfahrzeug, EZ 07/2015, 53.900 km, 316 kW (430 PS), Benzin, Automatik

Porsche 991
Targa 4S 1 Hand, Approved , 8 fach breit, Abgas

130.911 €

Gebrauchtfahrzeug, EZ 01/2017, 26.700 km, 309 kW (420 PS), Benzin, Automatik

Porsche Boxster
Spyder Sammler Fahrzeug 1 Hand

89.900 €

Gebrauchtfahrzeug, EZ 06/2011, 4.128 km, 235 kW (320 PS), Benzin, Automatik

Porsche 993
Turbo Coupe, Eisgestrahlt, Gute Historie

179.900 €

Gebrauchtfahrzeug, EZ 07/1995, 119.420 km, 300 kW (408 PS), Benzin, Schaltgetriebe

Porsche 991
911 GT3 RS im perfekten Zustand, Liftsystem

176.991 €

Gebrauchtfahrzeug, EZ 11/2016, 11.878 km, 368 kW (500 PS), Benzin, Automatik

Porsche Cayman
718 GT4 RS PTS,LP 218.800.-€

222.900 €

Gebrauchtfahrzeug, EZ 04/2024, 450 km, 368 kW (500 PS), Benzin, Automatik

Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG
4Matic+, Garantie junge Sterne,Panno.

79.900 €

Gebrauchtfahrzeug, EZ 05/2020, 31.500 km, 420 kW (571 PS), Benzin, Automatik

Jaguar E-Type
Serie 1, 2+2 H-Kennzeichen, Heritage Zertifikat

108.000 €

Gebrauchtfahrzeug, EZ 07/1966, 78.100 km, 154 kW (209 PS), Benzin, Schaltgetriebe

Porsche 992
Carrera 4, Bose, Sportabgas Approved,21Zoll

129.992 €

Gebrauchtfahrzeug, EZ 06/2020, 24.200 km, 283 kW (385 PS), Benzin, Automatik

Porsche 992
GT3 RS Weissach, Magnesium,Lift, Clubsport

360.992 €

Gebrauchtfahrzeug, EZ 10/2023, 870 km, 386 kW (525 PS), Benzin, Automatik

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Current offers Offmarket

Porsche 911 Dakar new cqr- FR 2023 | Quote new car

The vehicle is not visible on the web and is exclusively offered here!

This is a world premiere of a very special kind: Porsche will unveil the 911 Dakar at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The off-road 911 is intended to commemorate Porsche’s first overall victory in the Paris-Dakar Rally in 1984 and at the same time honor the birth of all-wheel drive in the Porsche 911. The vehicle is limited to 2,500 units.

All quotas are currently sold out shortly after publication.

For more information, please contact us personally.

Price: on request

Other vehicles that are not online

  • Mercedes G 63 AMG new car delivery 03.24
  • Porsche new car GT3
  • Ferrari SF 90 Spyder new car
  • Porsche 991.2 GT2RS
  • Porsche GT4 RS
  • and much more on request

Prices and dates on request

Further information in person.

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